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Patti Page

Song Title: Tennessee Waltz

In the Sibley kitchen, Loretta tells young George she loves him before ending her life.

Handsome Boy Modeling School

Song Title: Breakdown (feat. Jack Johnson)

At Billy's apartment, Billy suggests that he and Claire move to Europe.

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Private Waves Music Library

Song Title: Beautiful Day

George hallucinates seeing Loretta at the supermarket.

Scissor Sisters

Song Title: Filthy/Gorgeous

Roger Pasquese entertains his "guests" and gives Keith and David the legal paperwork they need.

Kid Gloves

Song Title: Where Do We Go

Rico bumps into Vanessa at Catholic Singles Night.

Ric Marvin

Song Title: How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

Rico and Angela flirt at the funeral directors conference.

Allen Toussaint

Song Title: What Is Success

Brenda has dinner with her new friend Jackie and her family.

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Basement Jaxx

Song Title: You Don't Know Me

Billy is angry because of Claire's family and her money.

The Specials

Song Title: Monkey Man

Billy has gone on a shopping spree.

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54: Hold My Hand

Season 5

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