Thievery Corporation: Holographic Universe

At Billy's apartment, Claire shows her photos to her gallery owner, Harry.

The Pretenders: Back On The Chain Gang

In the prep room, Nate reminisces with his deceased high school friend, Sam.

Jem: Amazing Life- Available on Six Feet Under Volume 2 - Everything Ends

Billy's medication is getting the best of him with Claire in bed.

Franz Lizst: Consolation No. 3 in D-Flat Major

In the slumber room, Nate talks with his old buddy, Tom Wheeler.

Angelique Kidjo: Conga Habanera

In her car, Margaret's talks to Brenda on the phone.

Extreme Music: Feast Of The East

Billy and Claire have dinner with Marta & Wolf and discuss art and inspiration.

Traffic: Feelin Alright

Nate and Tom Wheeler have beers and talk about getting older.

Extreme Music: Sitar Anakhi

At the restaurant with Marta & Wolf, Claire wants to go out, but Billy needs to go home early for work.

Wilco: Hell Is Chrome

At Billy's, Claire describes her art project

Amos Lee: Colors

At the apartment, David tells Keith that Claire said "no".

The Pretenders: Back On The Chain Gang


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