Southern Music Library: Camilano

At the coffee shop, Andrea finally tells Janine how she feels.

Doris Day: But Not For Me

In the apartment, Albert pulls the chair out from under Andrea.

Doves: Almost Forgot Myself

At Billy's apartment, Billy suggests Claire should move in.

Bebel Gilberto: Aganjou

David, Keith, Billy and Claire arrive at Nate and Brenda's house for dinner.

Extreme Music Library: The Last Run

At Nate and Brenda's, a tense discussion about adoption arises over dinner.

Thievery Corporation & Loulou: The Time We Lost Our Way

At Billy's apartment, Claire is freaked out by Billy.

The Martini Kings: Days Of Wine And Roses

At the wedding: Claire questions Billy about his feelings on watching Brenda get married. Rico and Sharon discuss their thoughts on marriage.

The Martini Kings: So Danco Samba

Claire takes a "very rude" photograph of George.

Wilco: Hell Is Chrome

At Billy's, Claire describes her art project

The Martini Kings: Wave

David acknowledges the possibility of having two children with Keith.

The Martini Kings: Teach Me Tonight

Everybody dances to the band at the wedding. Nate witnesses the arrival of an unexpected guest.

Dinah Washington: Teach Me Tonight

End Credits.

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