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Graham Coxon

Song Title: Spectacular

Claire makes calls to publicize her art gallery show.

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Tito Puente

Song Title: Mambo Diablo

Roger Pasquese calls Keith with another proposition.

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Dinah Shore

Song Title: Shoo Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy

Ruth & George meet George's daughter, Maggie for lunch.

Opus 1

Song Title: A Girl Like You

Maggie speaks with George and Ruth about her job.


Song Title: Love And Music

Claire and Anita arrive at the gallery for Claire's art show.

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Chris Joss

Song Title: You've Been Spiked

Claire is on a roll as she explains the meaning of her art to viewers at the gallery.

The Latin Project

Song Title: Rio Negro

Ruth and Brenda attempt to reconnect with each other at Claire's opening.

Slow Train Soul

Song Title: In The Black Of Night

Billy admires Claire's artwork at the gallery and the two reconnect.

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Henry Mancini

Song Title: The Beat

Lounging at his pool, Roger Pasquese asks Keith if he would like to work as his bodyguard.

Mark Rae

Song Title: Mind, Body, & Soul

At the gallery, Olivier disregards Claire's success while across the room Brenda and Margaret discuss Maya.

Mr. Scruff & Quantic

Song Title: It's Dancing Time

Jimmy gets angry with Claire when she appears to ignore him at the gallery.

51: Untitled

Season 4

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