Bis: Power Puff Girls - End Theme

The Gorodetsky family drive to a party as the Power Puff Girls cartoon plays in the background on the in-car video monitor for the children.

Opus 1 Music Library: Blue Note Bossa

Margaret and Brenda have lunch and discuss Joe and Nate.

Opus 1 Music Library: Bossa Sauda

Still at lunch, Margaret has a minor emergency that requires Brenda's help.

Iron & Wine: Naked As We Came

Claire and Ruth talk about drugs, sex, and art.

Cibelle: Dia de Yemanja

Olivier, Brenda and Billy visit Margaret at the hospital.

OneMusic Library: Swing Opus

Jimmy, Claire, Anita and Russell got to an exotic flower show.

Opus 1 Music Library: Smooth As Silk

Billy and Brenda reconcile in the Hospital Cafeteria.

The Gene Harris Quartet: Everything Happens To Me

Keith and David have dinner with Roger Pasquese to discuss the lawsuit.

Nada Surf: Inside Of Love

Jimmy tells Claire that his art gallery is interested in her work.

Kings Of Convenience: Homesick

Nate is confronted by Barb regarding Lisa's cremains.

Van Hunt: Anything (To Get Your Attention)

At Roger Pasquese's house, Keith agrees to Roger's proposition and vent's his frustrations with David.

Firstcom Music Library: You've Gone Away

Rico calls Vanessa on her date and she tells him that she's not coming home.

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