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The Killers

Song Title: Somebody Told Me

Edie's Apt.: Anita doesn't want to talk to Claire.

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Valerio Longaria

Song Title: Rosalito

Ruth and Bettina arrive at the hotel in Rosarito, Mexico.

Snow Patrol

Song Title: How to Be Dead

Song plays in the LAC Arts Student Lounge as Claire and Billy talk.

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Ryan Adams

Song Title: Burning Photographs

Brenda visits her dealer to buy some pot

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Song Title: Hollywood Cemetary

Brenda is at her dealer's apt and realizes she has to leave.

Mingo Saldivar

Song Title: Ring of Fire

In Rosarito, Ruth insists that the motel hot tub be turned on.


Song Title: Interloper

Coach House: Claire shows Nate the dollhouse.

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Peggy Lee

Song Title: Take a Little Time to Smile

In a flashback, Nate brings his dog Yippie to Nathanial to revive.

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Trio Marimbero

Song Title: Viva La Vida

Ruth and Bettina ride horses on the beach in Rosarito.

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Trio Marimbero

Song Title: Viva La Vida

End title

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48: Grinding the Corn

Season 4

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