Phoenix: Everything is Everything

Claire, Edie, Anita and Jimmy discuss their art project.

Greyboy: Genevieve (Quantic Remix)

Celeste looks on as Javier comes on to Keith at a party.

Paco: Shaded

Claire prepares for Edie's visit. Ruth thinks Anita should pay rent if she is going to be around so much.

Riptide Music Library: Maintain

In the limo, Keith calms an emotional Celeste.

Hangdogs: Memo from the Head Office

Sarge calls from a bar and reconnects with David.

Karen Abrams: Always Came Back

Edie visits Claire for a romantic evening. Edie asks Claire to take off the "vagina" music.

Gare Du Nord: Kind of Cool 2 (Miles Et Juliette Mix)

David and Sarge share a joint and get friendly.

San Ilya: Heavenly

While trying to be romantic with Edie, Claire realizes she cannot go through with it...she prefers to watch.

Cast: Oh Happy Day

Mourners sing song at James Marshall's funeral

Edwin Hawkins Singers: Oh Happy Day

End Credits

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