Season 4

46: The Dare


(Beethoven) from One Music Library: Concerto for Piano #1 in CM, Op 15, Largo

Intake: Music to sell caskets by.

Macintosh & Charles: Just Another Day

In Celeste's Dressing Room, Javier tells Keith they are going to a gay club.

Thelma Houston: Don't Leave Me This Way

At the gay club, Keith gets a call from David.

Pro Music Library: Italian Restaurant 1

Nate has a date in an Italian restaurant.

Richard Marvin: Vodka Gimlet/Paranoia

David feels self conscious as he orders a drink in a bar.

Riptide Music Library: Get the Cash

In her Limo, Celeste tells Keith she knows he's gay...and so is Javier.

Richard Marvin: We're Closed

David has a connection with the bartender as he pays his tab.

Extreme Music Library: Bold Skool

Javier asks Keith if he knows "Haywood Jablome"

Arthur Godfrey: I'm a Lonely Little Petunia In An Onion Patch

In a dream, Nate gets advice from Lisa as a lonely little petunia.

Mozart - From One Music: Sonata for Violin & Piano #35 in AM, Adante

In the Slumber Room, Nate gets a phone call from Brenda. He suggests that she give her relationship with Joe a chance.

Imogen Heap: I'm a Lonely Llttle Petunia In An Onion Patch

End Credits

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