Jem: Just a Ride

Brenda is studying when Joe arrives with good news about a house.

Rilo Kiley: The Execution of All Things

Anita moves in with Claire.

One Music Library: Baby Steps

1st song that plays in the background at George's Academic mixer.

Firstcom Library: Tears Down My Cheek

2nd song that plays in the background at George's Academic mixer.

Stereolab: Margarine Melody

Claire and her friends plan an art project.

sung by Joe: Schroeder (From the musical "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown")

Joe and Brenda talk about the Peanuts characters Lucy and Schroeder and their relationship. Joe starts singing the song and stops when he forgets some of the lyrics.

Death Cab For Cutie: Transatlanticism

In the coach house, Claire, Edie, Anita, Russell, and Jimmy get closer. Song plays in the background and the everybody sings along.

Fruit Bats: Rainbow Sign

Anita invites Russell and Jimmy to take a shower.

ZFC Music Library: Concerto for Two Mandolins Allegro (Vivaldi)

At dinner, Keith talks about his security job with Celeste.

Yo La Tengo: Nowhere Near

Claire is having a painting party, when Nate calls to remind her of David's birthday dinner.

Firstcom Music Library: Fifth Concert (Spring) (Francois de Boisvalle)

At dinner, Nate talks about his new job. Claire is high.

Southern Music Library: Concerto for Oboe & String in D Minor Allegro 1 (Albinoni)

Ruth cuts the ham and spills the beans at dinner.

Southern Music Library: Concerto for Violin, Strings and Basso in e Flat Major Allegro

David opens his birthday gifts at dinner.

Source Q: Piano Concerto #20 The Romanze (Mozart)

David overhears that Meinhardt was shot in the head.

Bent: So Long Without You

Brenda is shopping in a linen store when she imagines an avalanche of pillows falling on her.

Richard Marvin: Happy Little Life

(And End Credits): At 2am, Brenda pays Nate an unexpected visit. She tells him she can't change and live a happy little life. Music continues over end credits.

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