Stardust Twin: Legend in Your Own Mind

Celeste Rehearses

Smooth: Walking on Space

Brenda and Joe listen to a wounded Nate.

BT: Somnambulist

Celeste has a discussion with charity chairwoman. Song plays from her dressing room.

Chopin: Twelve Etudes, Op10 No. 3 in EM

Jennifer unloads on David.

Martinez: Sambalate

Brenda and Joe have dinner at Margaret's apartment.

Jacknife Lee: Fear of Nothing

Claire doesn't have a sexual checklist for Jimmy.

Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz: Might as Well Be Spring

Brenda and Joe finish up dinner with Margaret and Oliver.

Magnapop: Texas

Claire and her friends paint the walls of the coach house. Song plays in the background while they talk about sex.

Mozart: Romance SNA 464

Joe and Brenda talk about kids.

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