The Four Tops: It's All in The Game

Nate has a drink in a tavern. Meets Monica.

Joe Arroyo: Rebellion

Rico takes a dance lesson.

Paul Hunter: The Projects

Brenda and Joe have dinner in a Korean restaurant.

The Doobie Brothers: It keeps you running

Nate returns to the tavern for more drinking.

Princess Superstar: Wet, Wet, Wet

Rico and friend have drinks at a strip club.

The Roots (featuring Cody Chesnutt): The Seed (2.0)

A stripper hits on Rico.

Golden Earring: Radar Love

Nate picks a fight at the tavern.

The Association: Cherish

Ruth and George get married.

Hank Williams: Move it on over

Ruth and George dance back at the funeral home.

Prodigy: Climbatize

Nate drives frantically as Nathaniel and Lisa taunt him and urge him to commit suicide.

Hank Williams: Jambalaya (On the Bayou)

The wedding party continues.

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