RICH: Sa-Rang Ee-Mal Bak-Keh

At a Korean convenience store, Dorothy Su is shot and killed during a robbery.

Eyra Gail: Heaven

At a health club, a jogger on a treadmill has a heart attack

Charlie Byrd and Ken Peplowski: Corcovado

On the telephone, Brenda and Margaret talk about speading Bern's ashes.

Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto: Doralice

Margaret throws Bern's ashes off her apartment balcony so "he can be in Westwood for all eternity."

Scarlatti: Sonata in F minor

At the funeral home, David and Claire greet mourners.

Margaret (Joanna Cassidy) (Originally performed by Roberta Flack): Killing me softly with his song

Margaret sits on her balcony and sings

Latin Brothers and Gambino Pampini: La Tormenta

Rico dances with another woman when Vanessa misses thier dance lesson.

Todd Rundgren: I saw the light

Nate sits in Lisa's car and listens to the cassette that she was playing.

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