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Sixpence None the Richer

Song Title: There She Goes

Melinda Bloch prepares her suicide.

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Nightmares on Wax

Song Title: 70's 80's

David and Keith run into Father Jack at Video West.

Horace Silver

Song Title: Song For My Father

In Margaret's condo, Brenda and Margaret argue about her choices in life.

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Gotan Project

Song Title: Vuelvo Al Sur

Russell's sculpture sells quickly at the LAC ARTS Gallery.

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dZihan & Kamien

Song Title: Stiff Jazz

Olivier and Billy catch up at the LAC Arts Gallery.


Song Title: Wax

Claire is disappointed that her photo has not sold at the LAC Arts gallery.

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Patti Austin

Song Title: Our Love is Here to Stay

Rico tries to get romantic with Vanessa.

FC Kahuna

Song Title: Hayling

Nate and Brenda check out Billy's artwork and joke about how they've evolved.

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Song Title: Segredo

At the gallery, Margaret smokes a joint with Keith and Janny, Ruth and Arthur talk to Claire about her photograph.

Midival Punditz

Song Title: Bhangra Fever

Claire and Russell watch Olivier and Margaret dance.

The Dining Rooms

Song Title: Tunnel

Nate and Lisa are talking in the pyramid when Brenda Enters.

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Rimsky Korsakov

Song Title: Scheherazade: Prince and Princess

Ruth and Arthur cuddle.


Song Title: Naked (Club Remix)

Keith and David recruit a playmate while out at a bar.


Song Title: Concerto for Organ and Orchestra #10 in D minor, Opus 7, Addagio

In the Pastoral Room, Rico and Nate feel sorry for Alex Gramm.

35: The Opening

Season 3