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The People

Song Title: Horse With No Name (originally recorded by America)

At "The People's" house, family members sing this song as they make hand mops.

Joseph Malik

Song Title: Take It All In and Check It All Out (Originally recorded by Bill Withers)

LAC Arts: Olivier lectures Claire and Russell about sex.

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Song Title: "TEAR IT DOWN"

David, Terry and Patrick arrive for paintball competition.


Song Title: The End

Olivier asks Claire to run an errand for him in Azusa.

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R.L. Burnside

Song Title: Rollin' Tumblin' (Remix)

In Azusa, Carmen, invites Claire to stay awhile to escape the desert heat.

Gran Tourism

Song Title: Variation Sur Emma Peel

At her studio, Carmen tells Claire that she too was once Olivier's assistant.

Terry Davies

Song Title: Melisma

Lisa gets a massage...from Brenda

Jules Massenet

Song Title: Scenes Pittoresques: Air De Ballet

Claire returns from her trip to Azusa and tells Olivier that she quits.

Mary J. Blige

Song Title: Sweet Thing

Keith and David hang out with friends Patrick, Terry and Sarge.

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34: Tears, Bones and Desire

Season 3