Season 3

31: The Trap


Frederic Chopin: Mazurka Opus 59

Claire and Russell are working and chatting in art class. Oliver asks Claire to be his assistant.

Gay Men's Chorus: June is Busting Out All Over (From "Carousel", written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein)

The Gay Men's Chorus rehearses.

Ivy: Let's Go to Bed

David joins Terry and Evan for a drink after chorus rehearsal.

Charlie Hunter with Norah Jones: More Than This

At their apartment, David is relieved when Keith tells him can't attend his concert performance.

Interpol: Obstacle 2

Nate browses for CDs at a record store.

Interpol: Roland

At the record store, Nate has fantasy that Lisa has discovered him spending $$$ outside their budget.

Eels: Rock Hard Times

Claire drives Olivier to the mall on her first day as his assistant.

Goldenboy: Summertime

Olivier laments his lost love Astra to Claire as they continue to drive to the mall.

The Roots: Break You Off

Keith sits in his parked patrol car listening to music.

Stephen Sondheim: Good Thing Going

David sings beautifully at the Gay Men's Chorus concert.

Ralph Covert & The Bad Examples: Not Dead Yet

In a fantasy sequence, Nate drives down the highway blasting music from the car stereo and smoking cigarettes with the late Will Jaffe. Song also plays over End Title Credits.