Jeno Jando: Une Larme

Ruth and Bettina go for a massage.

Brooke Ramel: This One's About Me

Lisa, Bettina, and Ruth prepare for Ruth's birthday party.

Dandy Warhols: Boys Better

At a local bar, Olivier and Scott argue about art.

Steely Dan: Peg

Ruth, Bettina, David, Keith, Nate and Lisa get loose after the birthday dinner.

Weekend Players: Best days of Our Lives

Later at the bar, Olivier compliments Claire and Russel's artwork.

Sarah Maclachlan: Circle

Lisa gives Ruth a foot massage.

Bonnie Raitt: Burning Down The House

Everyone dances at Ruth's party!

Albert Erede - conductor: Giacomo Puccini "Popolo di Pekino" (from Turandot)

Robert Lamar Giffin's funeral #1

Eric Leinsdorf - conductor: Giacomo Puccini "Nessun Dorma" (from Turandot)

Robert Lamar Giffin's funeral #2

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