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Michael C. Hall (David) with The Gay Men's Chorus

Song Title: It's Only Paper Moon (Composed by Harold Arlen, EY Harburg and Billy Rose)

David and the Gay Men's Chorus sing this song at a rehearsal.

Frou Frou

Song Title: Must Be Dreaming

David and Keith are excited and playful as they drive off to their vacation get-away.

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Michael C. Hall

Song Title: Escape (The Pina Colada Song) Originally performed and written by Rubert Holmes

In anticipation of poolside drinks, David accidently sings a bit of this song in the car.

Mariachi Sol De Mexico

Song Title: Carino Neuvo

David feels uncomfortable as he and Keith arrive at the hotel pool.The song is playing in the background.

Lomos Mariachi Band

Song Title: Cielito Lindo

At the BBQ, Keith and David decide to head back to their room.

Michael C. Hall and Mathew St. Patrick

Song Title: Uptight (Originally performed by Stevie Wonder)

David and Keith, feeling bold and in love, belt out this song in their hotel room.

Modest Mouse

Song Title: Willful Suspension of Disbelief

Claire breaks up with Phil at the crematorium

Electric Soft Parade

Song Title: Start Again

After breaking up with Phil, Claire sits in her car for a moment before driving off.

Elton John

Song Title: Rocket Man

On the drive home after their vacation, Keith and David start singing along as they hit traffic and realize it is back to the real workd after a great vacation. Original version of the song continues.

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29: The Eye Inside

Season 3