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Dave Alvin

Song Title: Dark Eyes

Joe's cooking is interrupted by a telemarketer.

Michael C. Hall

Song Title: The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring: Composed by Gilbert and Sullivan from "The Mikado"

David rehearses his song for the choir.


Song Title: The Golden Age

Claire opens up to Phil about graduating high school, going to art school, and moving on with her life.

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Susann Lautenbacher with The Mainz Chamber Orchestra

Song Title: Bach's "Violin Concerto #2 in A minor III Allegro Assai"

At a mountain cabin Carol calles Lisa for help with the salad dressing.

Thievery Corporation

Song Title: All That We Perceive

Claire talks with Russell at LAC/Arts.

Beth Orton

Song Title: Stolen Car

Nate and Lisa invite David and Keith to a BBQ to get acquainted with baby Maya.

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Song Title: Isobel

Later at the BBQ, Keith wakes up Maya with a flush

Peter Krause and Lily Taylor

Song Title: Maya Row The Boat Ashore

Nate and Lisa sing Maya a song, which David and Keith overhear through the baby monitor.

The Londonderry Choir

Song Title: Nearer My God To Thee

At the Showalters Funeral David criticizes Rico about his moral superiority.

28: You Never Know

Season 3