Bottlefly: Got 2 B Luv

Sleeping Nate is awoken by this song on his clock radio.

Irene Cara: Flashdance (What A Feeling)

Claire's Flashdance Fantasy

Bob Mould: Sound On Sound

Claire is daydreaming and listening to this song on her headphones as she awaits her art college entry interview.

Soul Hooligan: Algebra

Nate drops off Aaron at the crematorium.

Strike Boys: Go Back Home

Brenda's lunch with David Axelrod.

Grant-Lee Phillips: Humankind

Nate and Claire have a heart to heart discussion on the eve of his operation and her high school graduation.

Timo Maas: To Get Down

Claire and Parker discuss their college plans at an end of school year party.

Flaming Lips: Fight Test

Claire, having a smoke, asks David to stop videotaping her as she gets ready for her high school graduation.

Ian Brown: Neptune

After getting high, Claire and David decide to ditch her graduation ceremony and be with Nate and Ruth at the hospital.

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