Shakira: Suerte

In a busy Latin hair salon, a hairdresser finds Leticia Perez has passed away while under the dryer.

TelepopMusik: Breathe

Over morning coffee, Brenda is surprised and uncomfortable to find Nate reading a racy passage from the book she is writing.

Lena Horne: Wish I Was Back In My Baby's Arms

Keith and David are preparing for their meeting with a social worker to determine if Taylor can live with them.

Giuseppe Verdi: Un Altra Notte from Il Trovatore

Margaret talks to Brenda about her upcoming commitment ceremony.

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives: Sister Surround

Claire, invigorated with creative energy after vising her potential art college, takes some self portrait photographs.

Bill Wells Octet vs. Future Pilot AKA: Om Navah Shivaya

Margaret and Bern's commitment ceremony.

First Com Music Library: Super Smooth

A social worker visits Keith and David's apartment to determine if they are fit to look after Taylor.

Ali Farka Toure: Jangali Famata

Brenda and Billy have opposing opinions on their parents commitment ceremony.

Ali Farka Toure: ASCO

Following the commitment ceremony, Nate and Bernard toast new beginnings and growing up.

Mariachi All Stars: Flor Silvestre

At his mother's funeral, Andrew is upset over Rico's inheritance.

Street Walkin' Cheetahs: Automatic

Keith gets into an altercation with a suspected wife beater.

Mariachi All Stars: El Preso

Federico puts photos of his children in Leticia Perez' casket.

Boards Of Canada: Happy Cycling

Brenda is on her porch having a smoke, when two teenage boys approach. Without a word she leads them into the house.

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