Nelly Furtado: Shit On The Radio

At Karla's apartment, Taylor's watching MTV as Keith arrives.

Biber: Sonata Problaba

Flower Shop

Four tet: Glue Of The World

Billy talks with Brenda about his stay in the hospital, her upcoming marriage to Nate, and disengaging from his toxic relationship with her.

Blue Six: Pure

After his return from the hospital, Billy meets with Claire. They talk about her break up with Gabriel, and if she would assist him on a project that he is putting together.

Eels: Souljacker (part 1)

After an argument with her brother Billy, Brenda is highly distressed and starts to go through and rip up phone numbers of men she has recently met.

De Wolfe Orchestra: Heading Home (muzak)

Nate is surprised to bump into his friend from Seattle, Lisa, at the market.

Orchestral Archives: Fare Thee Well (muzak)

At a juice bar, Nate learns that Lisa is pregnant...with his baby.

Grieg: The Death Of Ase

Russian thug, Yuri visits the flower shop where he leaves a message of apology for Nikolai.

Kings Of Convenience: I Don't Know What I Can Save You From

Nate arrives at Brenda's late in the evening. They are both keeping secrets from each other: Brenda's fling in the bookstore bathroom, and Nate's discovery that Lisa is pregnant with his child.

Handel: (from the opera Xerxes)

Dwight Garrison's Funeral

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