Antenna: 74 Willow

Keith's Romantic dream of reuniting with David.

Nathan Larson and Nina Perrson: Just Because A Man

Taylor watches MTV as Keith and Eddie argue.

Nacho Sotomayor: Island God

At a sushi restaurant, Brenda tells her mother Margaret about her engagement to Nate.

Stoppa and Nobby: Sweet Lassi Dub

While hanging around and having a smoke, Brenda tells Melissa that she crossed a line with one of her massage clients.

Timo Maas: Bad Days

Nate arrives at Brenda's, and meets her friend Melissa.

Chopin: Opus 10 #3

David and Rico run errands while Nate watches the funeral home.

Los Zafiros: Bossa Cubana

Rico returns home unexpectedly to find Ramon in a compromising position wih his co-worker.

Bellini: Que La Voce Sua Soave Vin Diletto (from I Puritani)

Brenda visits her mother Margaret at her new condo, but is asked to leave.

Mercedes: It's Your Thing

As Brenda is at a stop light, she fantasizes about making love to Hosep, the sexy truck driver stopped next to her.

Joni Mitchell: Woodstock

The morning after a party at her Aunt Sarah's Topanga Canyon house, Claire finds her cooking belgian waffles and listening to this song.

Joni Mitchell: Woodstock

Later, Claire sees another side of her mother, when she sees her singing along to the tape which was given to her by her Aunt...continues over end credits.

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