Iffy: Super Bad Girl

The office party on the harbor boat continues even after a drunk man.

Patricia Clarkson & Ed O'Ross: Bublicki

Nikolai and Ruth's sister Sarah hit it off over vodka shots and sing a Russian folk song together.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Milan String Quartet #1 in A Major, Allegro

The Fisher family has dinner with Sarah and Nikolai as guests.

Frank DeWolfe: Like a Friend

Nate and David fly to Palm Springs as guests of Kroehner Corp's Mitzi Dalton Huntley.

Wanda De Sah: So Danco Samba (Jazz n' Samba)- [From the compilation Ultra Lounge: Bossa Novaville, Capitol Records, recorded in 1965]

Mitzi shows off her swank Palm Springs swing pad to Nate & David.

George Shearing: If I Should Lose You- [From the album The Shearing Touch, Capitol Records, 1960]

Nate & David are propositioned by Mitzi in the hot tub.

John Beltran: Collage of Dreams- [From the compilation Dimensions in Ambience Volume 2, Quango Records 1997]

Brenda jerks off one of her massage clients.

Royksopp: Sparks- [From the album 'Melody A.M.', Wall of Sound UK 2002]

Nate & Brenda relate the events of their day to each and both pretend that everything is alright.

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