Lamb: Heaven

Becky lights candles, listens to music in the beach house.

Stereo MCs: Deep Down and Dirty

Becky enters the premiere party with her manager.

Aquanot: True Love (Petalpusher remix)

Becky is interviewed by Access Hollywood.

MJ Cole: Sincere (Petalpusher remix)

Becky and Brody discuss their future careers/Becky dies in the bathroom

Lux: Northern Lights

David meets Kevin for a date at a coffee shop.

Peggy Lee: I Love Being Here With You

Nate drives in the car with Nathaniel.

PJ Harvey: OneTime Too Many

Brenda throws CD's in a box, looks through her books and dances around.

H.A.L.O.: Eclipsed (LFO remix)

Brenda works on an arrogant client.

Tomasso Albinoni: Violin Concerto in F Major, Op- 9, No. 10

The Fisher kids and guests wait for dinner.

Ludwig Van Beethoven: Opus 18, No. 6

Fishers have dinner together, Nate is high on ecstasy.

The Dining Rooms: Pure and easy

Nate's ecstasy dream of Life and Death.

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