Eleni Mandel: Pauline- (From the album Thrill, Space Baby - 2000)

Brenda wants Nate to join her on a visit to Billy in the hospital.

King Cobb Steelie: Mayday- (From the album Mayday, Rykodisc - 2000)

Claire and Gabriel arrive at Parker's party.

Ettenne De Crecy: Scratched- (From the album Tempovision, V2 Records - 2000)

Gabriel and his buddies talk about doing a beer cow.

Beta Band: Squares- From the album Hot Shots II, Astralwerks - 2001)

Claire walks in on Parker and Warren fooling around.

Cher: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves- (From the album Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, MCA - 1971)

Gabriel and his buddies rob a convenience store.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Red Eyes and Tears - (From the album B.R.M.C., Virgin Records - 2001)

Claire talks to Nathaniel's ghost at the party.

Frederic Chopin: Prelude Op. #28

Lillian Montrose's viewing, Nate and David talk, Rico enters.

Cachaito: Mis Dos Pequenas- (From the album Cachaito, Elektra/Asylum Records-2001)

Baby Augusto's Christening, Nate is at peace with his family.

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