Lisa Kimmel Fisher

played by Lili Taylor

Character Bio

"You know what's weird about dead people? How they look so perfect... When I die , I want to be one big mess. That's what life is, messy."

At first glance, Lisa could appear to be the exemplar of what Claire calls the "crunchy-granola, back-packy" Seattle woman. A strict vegan whose wardrobe consisted of baggy dresses, overalls and clogs; she didn't go to movies because film, which is processed with gelatin from animal hooves, contributes to the "global slavery of animals"; and when she wanted to get rid of ants in her kitchen she sat on the floor and politely asked them to leave. When Nate lived in Seattle, Lisa was his friend, co-worker, roommate - and occasional sex partner.

In Nate's view, he and Lisa were "fuck buddies, nothing more." But Lisa harbored deeper feelings and always hoped that one day Nate would feel the same. While in Seattle on business, Nate stayed with Lisa and, feeling frightened and vulnerable because of his AVM, ended up sleeping with her. Five months later, Lisa ran into Nate in the produce section of his local supermarket. She told him that she was now living in the Palisades, working as a vegan chef for a movie producer; she also informed him that she was pregnant and that he was the father.

Lisa's earth mother exterior belied how tough she could be. Hurt and angry that Nate had become engaged to Brenda - and disgusted that he hadn't told his future wife about his impending fatherhood - Lisa took matters into her own hands; she made him terminate his parental rights. But when the baby, Maya, was born, Lisa softened. She had always been in love with Nate and eventually married him and moved into the Fisher home. Although the marriage was a turbulent one, she and Nate seemed to have gotten past the worst of it when tragedy struck: on her way to visit her sister out of town, Lisa disappeared. State police found her car in a state park and, weeks later, they discovered her remains.

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