Keith Charles

played by Mathew St. Patrick

Character Bio

"When someone sees you as you really are and wants to be with you, that's powerful."

Keith Charles, the love of David's life, is charming, handsome and tough - for years he was a gay officer in the LAPD and didn't care who knew it. Being out is important to Keith, and when he and David were first dating it was a major source of conflict between them. Keith was continually frustrated because David couldn't - or wouldn't - be open about his homosexuality. So Keith broke up with David and began a live-in relationship with Eddie, a handsome emergency medical technician David referred to as "Mr. F***ing Superguy E-R."

But that relationship was short-lived. When Keith's drug-addicted sister left town suddenly, Keith brought her nine-year-old daughter, Taylor, into his and Eddie's home. Eddie moved out shortly thereafter and Keith and David, who had remained friends, started seeing each other again. Eventually, Keith asked David - who had developed a close rapport with Taylor - to move in with him.

Things were not easy for the new nuclear family. Keith believes that life is about "striving for perfection," which puts a lot of pressure on him - and everyone close to him. His powerful sense of obligation caused him to badger his sister into rehab; but later, when she killed a man in a hit-and-run accident, Keith turned her in to the authorities. When he shot and killed a man in the line of duty, Keith became a chronic insomniac and lashed out at David whenever he tried to talk about it. In another incident, Keith lost his temper while trying to subdue a suspect, beating the man and subsequently being suspended for it. Not long after, against David's wishes, he sent Taylor to live with his parents in San Diego and quit his job.

They eventually rekindle their relationship, and begin hesitantly talking about a future together. Keith takes a more lucrative job as a security specialist for the stars, which includes going on tour with a young singer - adding a long distance strain on his relationship with David. After learning that her hunky bodyguard is gay, the pop star decides to seduce Keith, and he succumbs (he and David have agreed to an open relationship, after all). His tour of duty ends abruptly when the songstress fires him -- for sleeping with her. Keith returns home to David, who is recovering from his traumatic carjacking - and has never needed him more.

After David is sued for attacking a patron at a sushi restaurant, Keith offers himself up as a sexual payment to Roger, then man who is pressing charges. The man follows up with a phone call, offering Keith a job as a security specialist.

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