George Sibley

played by James Cromwell

Geology professor George Sibley entered the Fishers' lives serendipitously...

Character Bio

"Life is a series of accidents, one after another."

Geology professor George Sibley entered the Fishers' lives serendipitously. After attending a funeral at Fisher & Diaz, he returned to retrieve a pair of reading glasses and ended up with an emotionally devastated Ruth sobbing into his lapel. Lisa had just been reported missing and Ruth, desperate for comfort, collapsed onto George. When she apologized for weeping in front of a complete stranger, he gently replied, "Not anymore, I'm not."

Immediately thereafter George and Ruth began a romantic relationship and, following a six-and-a-half-week courtship, were married - the seventh time for George, who's been divorced four times and widowed twice. Whereas Claire and David are wary of their new stepfather ("I like him better than Nikolai at least," David allows), Nate has been openly hostile towards him. But Ruth has found George's preternaturally kind demeanor to be just what she needed in the weeks following Lisa's disappearance and is determined to make him a part of the family.

The kindness that initially drew Ruth to George quickly recedes after the marriage. He becomes argumentative and distant, neglecting to share anything about his life, including the fact that he has an estranged son who is now threatening them both. Dismissive of Ruth's attempts to bring him closer to his own children and to hers, he is nonetheless shocked when he finds a note from her explaining that she is leaving for a while. Her absence sends George deeper into himself, and he becomes increasingly preoccupied with apocalyptic visions. After his daughter Maggie surfaces, concerned about her father's "problems," Ruth chances upon him in a heated conversation with an imaginary person.

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