David Fisher

played by Michael C. Hall

Character Bio

"Now I walk around all the time feeling like everybody's gonna humiliate and murder me."

David, the middle Fisher sibling, refers to himself as "the stable one." He joined the family business at the age of twenty, lives in the same house where he grew up and is a life-long member of St. Bartholomew's Church. At the time of his father's death, David had been working at Fisher and Sons for eleven years - and was beginning to wonder whether he'd made the right choice. So while he initially resisted Nate's suggestion that they sell the funeral home, David realized it might afford him the opportunity to pursue the things he'd always wanted in life, like going to law school. When Nate did an about face, however, David pushed his own interests aside and agreed to keep Fisher and Sons going.

One of the things David wants most is a stable relationship with Keith Charles, with whom he has had an on-and-off romance. When they first started seeing each other, David and Keith continually fought over David's inability to come out of the closet. Eventually, Keith broke up with David and began a new relationship, while David embarked on a series of emotionally unsatisfying blind dates and hook-ups. David did eventually come out to his family, Federico and St. Bartholomew's. The Fishers and Federico were, to varying degrees, accepting; the church responded by asking him to resign his deaconship. Most important, though, Keith was proud of him.

David and Keith start seeing each other again, and shortly thereafter begin living together. At first David is thrilled, envisioning a perfect life, with hyphenated last names and at least two children. But cohabitation presents an entirely new set of problems: Keith walls himself off emotionally, making David feel "like a doormat." Despite attending couples therapy, David eventually decides to leave Keith. But after sowing some wild oats hitting the clubs and dating younger men, he realizes he misses Keith. It doesn't help that his ex appears to be moving on with a new man - an E.R. technician. A run-in prompts a rekindling - though not necessarily a commitment to get back together. Despite the ambiguous state of their relationship, the two start talking about buying a house.

Just as he starts to feel settled again, David becomes the victim of a brutal carjacking - an ordeal that lasts several hours and ends with him pleading for his life, a gun inside his mouth. Coping with the effects of post-traumatic stress, he continues to struggle with a fear of being alone and feels threatened by anyone who might lure Keith away from him (including the ridiculous pop diva who seduced and then fired her new bodyguard).

Overwhelmed by his anxiety, David becomes violent with a rude patron at a sushi restaurant, who ends up suing him for a ridiculous sum of money. To settle the case, he allows Keith to offer himself as sexual payment to (Roger/movie producer). Soon after summoning this courage, David is forced to confront his sadistic carjacker in jail, and realizes that the young man who has haunted his thoughts is insane -- and far more disturbed than he is - releasing him from some of the pain that has paralyzed his life. Longing for a new beginning, David shifts his focus towards adopting a baby.

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