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Written by: Carson Mell
Directed by: Mike Judge

Jared shows up at the Hacker Hostel bearing a bottle of champagne and congratulations for Richard -- hes inspired by Richards ability to say no to the $10 million his boss Gavin Belson offered for Pied Piper. Richard wants to give Jared a chance, but Erlich kicks him out just before introducing a stripper, Mochachino, in celebration of their new business. Mochachino spends most of her time with Big Head, who seems uncomfortable with the situation. Richard gets stuck paying Mochachino.

Richard and Erlich meet with Peter Gregory, who expects the guys to present their business plan. He asks for the cap table, investment deck, business plan, and other relevant paperwork, but Richard is empty-handed. Richard assumed he was just picking up a $200,000 check, but Peter tells him to come back in 48 hours with an air-tight business plan, strategy, and three-year P&L. Afterward, Erlich tells Richard he needs to learn to be a complete asshole in order to figure out the companys direction.

At the Hacker Hostel, Richard calls Jared for help with the business plan -- a move that doesnt please Erlich at all. Jared conducts interviews with Gilfoyle, Dinesh, and Big Head about their roles in the company. Gilfoyle does system architecture, networking and security; Dinesh writes code, especially in Java; and Big Head agrees with Jared that hes a master of nothing specific, sort of a jack of all trades. Gilfoyle keeps going on about the pointlessness of Big Head, who overhears what he says a couple of times.

Big Head goes missing, and Richard finds him in San Jose with Mochachino. Big Head says hes leaving the Valley because theres nothing for him to do on Pied Piper. Richard decides, however, that Big Head can stay, but only just after its too late: Gavin Belson offered Big Head a promotion and more money, in retaliation because Richard took Jared. Big Head warns Richard of Hoolis plan to use the Pied Piper prototype to build a competitor algorithm call Nucleus. Richard finishes his Peter Gregory presentation and arrives at the bank with his $200,000 check, but he cant deposit it because, as it turns out, Pied Piper isnt a registered corporation.

Silicon Valley

02: The Cap Table

Season 1