Fashion Credits

Carrie - Int. Restaurant (1): Dress: Black vintage; Bag: White Christian Dior; Coat: Purple velvet

Carrie - Ext. Paris Patisserie (9): Dress: Red Balenciaga w/black dots; Coat: Black LaCroix; Shoe: White Christian Laboutin pump; Bag: Judith Leiber

Carrie - Int. Athene (22): Dress: Seafoam ballet dress; Shoe: Bronze strappy Manolo Blahnik with ankle strap; Jacket: White/gold Marni; Bag: Lezard clutch

Carrie - Ext. Carrie's (44): Pant: Blue DKNY jean; Shoe: Black velvet boot; Bag: Gold Gucci

Carrie - Int. Coffee Shop (45): Top: Pink Rebecca Taylor; Dress: Teal sweater dress TSE; Boot: Gold and grey ankle; Bag: Crème beaded clutch

Samantha - Int. Hair Salon (6): Bra: Purple and blue Andre; Pant: Brown Cavalli jean; Boot: Copper patchwork Plein Sud

Samantha - Int. Sam's (15): Sweater: Pink Michael Kors; Boots: Sand Uggs calf high

Samantha - Int. Sam's Office (18): Suit: Lilac Armani; Top: Red tank; Shoe: Lime green pump Pavarotti; Purse: Tiger sequined

Samantha - Int. Coffee Shop (45): Top: White Marc Jacobs S/L; Jacket: Green leather Cavalli; Skirt: Raspberry satin Darryl K; Purse: Mongolian Falchi; Boot: Orange suede

Miranda - Int. Miranda's (27): Sweater: Navy/aqua/purple/tan block knit crew; Pant: Black corduroys; Coat: Orange; Scarf: Mint knit

Miranda - Int. Coffee Shop (45): Top: Plum cashmere wrap sweater White and Warren; Skirt: Black Diane Von Furstenberg knit full-drop waist; Boot: Black suede Christian Louboutin; Tights: Black; Coat: Plaid mohair Rachel Robards; Hat: Purple Philip Treacy

Charlotte - Int. dress store (3): Top: Lavender Moschino S/L; Skirt: White TSE; Coat: Purple TSE; Purse: Pink Chanel Box large; Shoe: Lavender patent Louis Vuitton

Charlotte - Int. Charlotte's Dining Room (16): Dress: Pink and black Narciso Rodriguez; Shoe: Black and white pump Marc Jacobs

Charlotte - Int. Miranda's (27): Under top: Pink and nude camisole lace; Sweater: Pink Juicy sweater; Skirt: Black Proenza; Boots: Black croc Prada; Purse: Pink tweed Chanel

Charlotte - Int. Coffee Shop (45): Suit: Lavender Tracy Reese; T-shirt: White JP Tod's; Coat: Black/white houndstooth; Purse: Lavender Marc Jacobs

Charlotte - Ext. Charlotte's (53): Coat: White Dolce and Gabbana; Shoe: Red pump Manolo Blahnik; Top: Black Calvin Klein crewneck T-shirt;

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