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Song Title: Magic Elephant

Carrie gets ready to leave town.

Jon Hopkins

Song Title: Searchlight

Big wants Carrie to have dinner with him.

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Song Title: El Mensaje

The girls have their last dinner together.

Jon Hopkins

Song Title: Searchlight

Carrie toasts the girls.

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Didier Rachou

Song Title: Bon Voyage Carrie (original composition)

Carrie leaves New York.

Alisa Eisenberg & Patrick Woodland

Song Title: The Big O (original composition)

Samantha meets the cancer society ladies.

Didier Rachou

Song Title: Bon Voyage Carrie (original composition)

Carrie arrives in Paris.

Christopher O'Riley

Song Title: Musette En Rondeau (by Rameau, from the CD: From the Top: At the Break)

Carrie meets Aleks' daughter.

Bob Christianson

Song Title: The View (original composition)

Carrie enters her Paris hotel suite, sees Paris!

Mikhail Baryshnikov

Song Title: Adah's Theme (original composition, arranged & conducted by Michel Colombier)

Carrie is alone in her hotel suite.

Bob Christianson

Song Title: Russian Romance (original composition)

Aleksandr returns late.

Didier Rachou

Song Title: Arrival in Paris (original composition)

Carrie walks to Dior.

Ralphi Rosario

Song Title: Rhythm Sway (original composition)

Carrie falls in Dior.


Song Title: French Movie

Carrie sees four women lunching.

Rest Area

Song Title: Blue Bass

Samantha gives a speech to cancer survivors.

Leo Abrahams

Song Title: Mirror Sister

Charlotte hears Big's message.

Belton Richard

Song Title: Il Fait Chaud

Alek gives Carrie a diamond necklace.

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93: An American Girl in Paris (Part Une)

Season 6

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