Season 6

92: Splat!


Louie R.: Revolving Doors (original composition)

Carrie goes to meet Enid.

Billy Stein: Elegance (original composition)

Carrie has lunch with Enid.

Clifford Brown: Wail Bait

Aleks has everyone over for dinner.

Bossa Nostra: The Crickets Sing for Anamaria

The girls ask Carrie about Paris.

Bizet: La Jolie Fille De Perth: Scenes Bohemiennes: Prelude

Carrie talks to Aleks about Paris.

Honeyroot: Airwalk (original composition)

Carrie thinks and types.

Blanchette & Michelini III: Bouree from French Suite IV

Carrie supports Samantha.

Billy Stein: Lovely (Original Composition)

Carrie goes to Enid's party.

Jeffrey Taylor: Out on Your Own (original composition)

Enid shows interest in Aleks.

Zino & Tommy: No Miracles Today

Charlotte's dog has puppies.

Sylvia Cuenca and Kyle Koehler: Miss Cs Shuffle

Lexi falls out the window at Enid's party.

Alan Lazar: Things Work Out (original composition)

Snow montage.

The Tao of Groove: Prelude No.1

Aleks and Carrie take a sleigh ride.

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