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Rest Area

Song Title: BPM 240

Aleksandr and Carrie eat at Pastis with friends.

Tony Phillips

Song Title: Uptown Party (original composition)

Stanford and Marcus meet Smith at Pastis.

Bob Christianson

Song Title: Undecided (original composition)

Carrie deletes Big's messages.

Didier Rachou

Song Title: Lucky Strike (original composition)

Carrie thinks and types.

Sean Dinsmore

Song Title: Silk Road (original composition)

Samantha overhears that she's a fag hag.

Poncho Sanchez

Song Title: Carmen Suite No. 1: Les toreadors

Dog Show part 1: The girls in the stands.


Song Title: Can-Can

Dog Show part 2: the toy dogs run the ring.


Song Title: The Answer

Charlotte's dog places first in a dog show.

James Morrison & Jonathan Zwartz

Song Title: Groove (original composition)

Sam and Smith shoot a video.

Poncho Sanchez

Song Title: Joseito

Charlotte takes her dog to the dog run.

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Song Title: Santiago Boys (Main Bounce)

Aleks doesn't come to meet the girls.

Arto Lindsay

Song Title: Illuminated

Aleks is having an anxiety attack.

91: The Cold War

Season 6

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