Joi: Fingers

Carrie and Aleksandr go on a new and exciting date.

Hank Jones: Ruby, My Dear

Carrie and Aleksandr have dinner at Carrie's apartment.

Modaji: La Cosa Mas Chunga

Aleks and Carrie shop for an espresso machine.

The Dining Rooms: Prigionieri del Deserto

Charlotte gets a call from her doctor; goes for a run.

Popular Beat Combo: Simon's Bounty (original composition)

Carrie can't sleep.

Kitsch: 60's Shuffle (original composition)

Miranda tries to get a cab to Brooklyn.

Honeyroot: Cooky (original composition)

Carrie thinks and types.

Bob Christianson: Unbreakable (original composition)

Carrie helps Samantha buy a wig.

Audiolotion: Jacuzzi Jazz

Carrie tries to comfort Samantha.

Didier Rachou: All Is Forgiven (original composition)

Miranda decides to buy the house in Brooklyn; Samantha and Smith go to the premiere.

Popular Beat Combo: Quarky (original composition)

Carrie sees a mouse.

Alisa Eisenberg and Patrick Woodland: Two for Tea (original composition)

Charlotte gets a puppy.

Pulse: Face the 70's (original composition)

The girls toast Manhattan.

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