Season 6

89: Catch-38


Bob Christianson: The Code (original composition)

Aleksandr gives Carrie his alarm code.

Bill Miller: Approaching Thunder

Steve and Miranda relax on their honeymoon.

Sergei Prokofiev: Peter in the Meadow

Aleksandr and Brady finger paint.

Alisa Eisenberg and Patrick Woodland: Between the Lines (original composition)

Carrie thinks and types.

Miguel Migs: Take Me to Paradise (Mig's Summer Lover's Dub)

Sam tells Smith she has cancer.

Christopher O'Riley: Prelude in F# Major, Op. 28, No. 13 (by Chopin) (from the CD: From the Top: At the Break)

Aleks talks about his daughter.

Tommy Guerrero: The Colour of Life

Carrie talks about Aleks and kids.

Bill Miller: Approaching Thunder

Steve and Miranda take a bath.

Keith Crane: Saunter (original composition)

The honeymoon is over.

Jon Hopkins: Lost In Thought

Aleksandr is honest with Carrie about having children.

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