Jon Hopkins: Cerulean

Carrie receives an invitation from Aleksandr.

Universal Principles: Voodoo Sun

The girls shop at an upscale perfume store.

Honeyroot: Sunrise Sunset

Carrie visits Aleksandr's apartment.

Peter Daou: Seventh Space (original composition)

Carrie "googles" Aleksandr; thinks and types.

6 String BBoyz: Higher Love (original composition)

Carrie and Charlotte shop at Barney's.

dZihan & Kamien: Stiff Jazz

Charlotte gets lost at Barney's.

Caia: Heavy Weather

Smith and Samantha see Richard at a party.

Barrio Jazz Gang: Bellavista (Nu-House Jazz remix by Roby J.C.) (from the CD: Barrhumba (compilation by Instinct Records))

Sam tells Smith that she and Richard used to date.

Kenneth Burgomaster: Paint the Town (original composition)

Steve finds Robert with two women.

Popular Beat Combo: In the Draft (original composition)

Sam and Richard leave together in front of Smith.

Adny & the Persuader: The Beauty of Final Causes (original composition)

Smith meets a crying Samantha at the elevator.

Jon Hopkins: Elegiac

Smith and Sam sleep; Carrie breaks up with Aleksandr.

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