Bona Fide: The Block

Carrie meets her high school boyfriend.

Bob Christianson: Kiss from Brazil (original composition)

Jeremy walks Carrie home.

Audiolotion: As Velas

Carrie thinks and types.

Clubfeet: Freestyle

Samantha tries to get into SoHo House.

Burgomaster: Push (unreleased composition)

Samantha uses a fake ID at SoHo House.

Streetlife Originals: The Assassin, Act I

Stanford runs into Charlotte and Anthony.

Ike & Tina Turner: Proud Mary

The Knicks City Dancers perform.

Alisa Eisenberg and Patrick Woodland: Sunkissed (original composition)

Carrie has a date with Jeremy.

Crazy Penis: Starwar

At the pool, Carrie tells the girls about Jeremy.

Belladonna: Inspiration Zone

Samantha gets caught using the fake ID.

Chicago: If You Leave Me Now

Carrie and Stanford slow-dance and talk.

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