Fashion Credits

Carrie - Ext. Madison Ave. (1): Pant: Black pinstripe Emanuel Ungaro; Top: Black Emanuel Ungaro with floral top; Purse: White Valentino; Shoe: Pink Coral Gun Metal

Carrie - Int. Loft Party (10): Shoe: Silver with stone Manolo Blahnik; Dress: Betsey Johnson pink/green strapless dress; Bra: Black lattice top Eres; Tights: Hotel Venus tattoo tights

Carrie - Int. Carrie's Apt. (31): Bustier: Black Dolce and Gabbana; Pant: Grey sweatpants; Shoe: Pink flip flops

Carrie - Ext. West Village St (32): Top: Floral white Club Monaco blouse; Bra: Lime green Margret; Pant: Green Joe's Jeans; Shoes: Silver Manolo Blahnik with stone

Samantha - Int. Upscale dessert (13): Dress: Coral knit 2 piece Leger; Purse: Gold with coral beads Rafe(accent); Scarf: Coral striped; Shoe: Light green with coral stone

Samantha - Int. Nice Lunch Restaurant (26): Suit: Crème Richard Tyler; Purse: Off white Nancy Gonzalez; Shoe: Marigold Manolo Blahnik

Miranda - Int. Upper West Side Apt. (5): Jacket: Taupe Lezard; Blouse: Black Lezard; Skirt: Brown Lezard; Bag: Light Shrimp Nancy Gonzalez; Shoe: Black and crème Pierre Hardy

Miranda - Int. Upscale dessert (13): Dress: Pea Green Ilya w/brown gros grain trim; Shoe: White Casadi with brown lacing; Purse: Yellow Louis Vuitton clutch

Miranda - Int. Miranda's Lobby (15): Dress: Light blue Oscar sea breeze; Bag: Blue/teal/brown Rafe(accent); Shoe: Light blue

Charlotte - Int. Charlotte's Living Room (6): Dress: Grey eyelet Plenty with spaghetti straps; Shoe: Pink strappy Manolo Blahniks

Charlotte - Int. Charlotte's Kitchen (17): Dress: Pink on white Indian floral Plenty with cap sleeve; Shoe: White with pink piping Marc Jacobs; Purse: Faded blue Richard Shaw with floral clutch

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