Boozoo Bajou: YMA

Carrie ponders and writes on her computer.

Bob Christianson: That Dress (original composition)

Charlotte finds her old wedding dress.

Jamiroquai: Main Vein

Miranda tries on her skinny jeans.

Ralphi Rosario: Sounds So Good (Dub Mix) (original composition)

The girls wait to get into the club BED.

Organic Audio: Good to Go

Carrie runs into Berger's friends at BED.

Karaoke - Donna Summer / Bruce Roberts: Whenever There Is Love

Miranda meets a cute guy; they all leave.

Deep Purple: Smoke On the Water

The girls try to score at a bar.

Moby: Jam for the Ladies

Carrie and Sam almost get beaten up.

Donna Summer and Bruce Roberts: I Got Your Love (original composition)

The girls laugh and talk at the coffee shop.

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