Rob Mounsey: Kingfish (original composition)

Samantha and Jerry make love.

David Visan and Carlos Campos: Irish Coffee

Berger meets Carrie's friends. (pt 1)

Little Big Bee: Searchin'

Berger meets Carrie's friends. (pt 2)

Highwater Rising: Kissing Tree

Carrie receives Berger's new book.

Capiozzo and Mecco: Small Club

Jerry audits Samantha.

Honeymunch: Urxa

Carrie types at her computer.

Zino and Tommy: Funky Omlette

Carrie and Berger wait in line at a restaurant.

Television Robbers: Puddleflower

Carrie tries to make up with Berger.

Bob Christianson: Step Lightly (original composition)

Carrie and Berger make up after a fight.

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