Highwater Rising: Can't Wait Around

Carrie goes to Berger's apartment for the first time.

Ursula 1000: Savoir Faire

The girls attend a purse party.

Tuatara: 25th Street and 6th Avenue (Unreleased)

Samantha and Jerry get caught!

A Man Called Adam: So You Say

Carrie and Big talk about old times on the phone.

Tommy Guerrero: Broken Blood

Carrie types on her computer.

Dean Martin: White Christmas

Charlotte celebrates Christmas for the last time.

Bob Christianson: White Dreydl (Original Composition)

Charlotte celebrates Christmas for the last time.

Rob Mounsey: Coquette (Original Composition)

Samantha serves Jerry.

Mogwai: Kids Will Be Kids Will Be Skeletons(from the CD: Happy Music for Happy People)

Carrie and Berger talk about broken hearts.

Mogwai: Kids Will Be Skeletons

Carrie tells Big about Berger.

Arranged by Peter Sokolow: Shnirela Perele (Traditional)

Charlotte has her Mikva, thus becoming a Jew.

Tim O'Neill: Mockingbird (Original Composition)

Carrie and Berger FINALLY get some sleep.

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