Francesco Gazzara: Bossa Rouge

The girls have dinner at a nice restaurant

Bob Thompson: Little Black Box (original composition)

Carrie Thinks and Types/Carrie and Sam arrive at the train station

DJ Rodriguez: Peter Pan Syndrome

Carrie and Sam enter the dining room

Lo Fidelity Allstars: Somebody Needs You

Charlotte is seduced by her lawyer

Gloria Gaynor: I Just Keep Thinking About You Baby (from the CD: Almighty Mix)

Charlotte and Anthony go to a bar

Alvino Rey: Night Train

Carrie and Sam enter the bachelor party

Mark Soskin: How Do You Keep the Music Playing? (Written by Michel Legrand)

Carrie and Big talk at a hotel

Govi: "Rising in Love"

Carrie and Big have dinner

Nina Simone: Feelin' Good

Carrie and Sam at the bookstore

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