Bob Christianson: All The Pretty Flowers (original composition)

Carrie checks out her party space

Louie R.: Stroll in the Park (original composition)

Carrie and Berger sit on a bench

Marshall Crenshaw: Sex 1 (original composition)

Carrie walks and thinks

Bob Christianson: City Mosaic (original composition)

Carrie walks and thinks, continued

Daniele Luppi: Fashion Party

A little girl screams at Sam's face

Bob Christianson: Slow Up (original composition)

Charlotte and Justin have sex - the morning after

Time Passing: "Dance With Me"

Carrie's book party, part 1

Russ Gabriel: Jelba

Carrie's book party, part 2

Virignia Sandifur: I Wish I Were in Love Again

Carrie's book party, part 3

Om Guru: Dolphins

Carrie's book party, part 4

Marshall Crenshaw: Thanks Lonny (original composition)

Carrie's book party, part 5

Bob Christianson: Smooth Sailing (original composition)

Grey's Papaya - end of show

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