Global Communication: The Groove (from the CD: Carte Blanche Volume One)

Carrie's blind date doesn't show up.

Bob Christianson: The Vibe (original composition)

Carrie talks to Samantha on the phone.

The Dining Rooms: Numero Deux (from the CD: Numero Deux)

Aboard Richard's private jet

Mel Torme: Luck Be A Lady

The girls enter Atlantic City's Taj Mahal.

Thievery Corporation: Indra

Carrie thinks and types.

Louie R: Three Happy Mice

Charlotte in her hotel room

Los Straightjackets: Furious

Samantha rushes to Richard's hotel room.

Sad Rockets: Twenty-Seven

Samantha breaks up with Richard.

Ernie and the Top Notes: Dap Walk

Charlotte and Carrie talk to two men at a bar.

Todd Kasow: "Lonely Girl" (original composition)

Carrie sees an older couple on the boardwalk.

Sad Rockets: Winter's Over

The girls take the casino bus home.

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