Rob Mounsey: "Floaters" (original composition)

Carrie is sleepless on a cool fall night.

Henry Mancini: Moon River

Carrie and Big dance in his apartment.

Nancy Shane: Through the Window (original composition)

Carrie thinks and types about fate.

Tim O'Neill: Tim's Cocktail Piano (original composition)

Charlotte is on a date with Eric.

Toots Thielemans: Hard to Say Goodbye

Big and Carrie take a carriage ride through the park.

Rob Mounsey: Floaters (original composition)

Carrie gets out of the carriage and looks back at Big.

Marc Black and The Accidental Orchestras: Altered Cowboys

Samantha spies on Richard.

Toots Thielman: Hard to Say Goodbye (from the CD: Toots Thielman: The Live Takes, V. 1)

Carrie realizes that Big has gone.

Henry Mancini: Moon River

Carrie leaves Big's apartment and walks down the street.

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