Mogwai: Close Encounters

Carrie thinks and types.

Sage Schwarm/Thomas Noble: Air India (available at

Carrie thinks and types.

Original arrangement by Rob Mounsey: Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Charlotte admires her ring.

Flying Pops: Cote Quest

Background music in the shoe store.

The Chaozhou Ensemble: You Hua Yuan

Carrie and the girls chat at a Chinese restaurant.

From the CD: IRMA on Canvas: Exhibition #1: Brazilenco

The girls walk down the street in Chinatown waving their fans.

The Bionaut: Lubricate Your Living-Room

Samantha opens a gift from Richard and finds the card signed "Love."

Savourna Stevenson: Come Try Me

Charlotte gives Carrie her ring to put toward a down payment.

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