Fashion Credits

Carrie - Ext. Street (1): Pant: Black knicker Commes des Garcons; Top: Black Martin vest; Shoe: Nude patent Manolo Blahnik

Carrie - Int. Carrie's (4): Shoe: Nude lace Dolce and Gabbana; Skirt: Pink Williamson lace skirt; Bra: Putty Dolce and Gabbana

Carrie - Int. Carrie's (6): Dress: Pink strapless; Shoe: White Manolo Blahnik pump; Bandana: White Carrie; Purse: Blue Bulgari and Lulu Guinness tote

Carrie - Int. Pizza Shop (14): Jumper: Pink terrycloth strapless jumper; Bra: White 14th Street strapless; Belt: Gucci artist pack; Shoe: Nude patent mule; Hat: White floral golf cap

Carrie - Tavern (22): Top: Gauzy white Martin L/S top; Jacket: Crème Wilhelm stripe 3 button; Pant: Chloe (accent); Shoe: White Manolo Blahnik strappy

Samantha - Int. Coffee Shop (3): Top: Mathew Willamson; Pant: Turquoise Gucci; Shoe: Christian Dior denim mule

Samantha - Ext. Madison Ave. (5): Dress: Brown and white Ralph Lauren; Shoe: Jimmy Choo XX Suede mule; Purse: Crème quilted Chanel

Samantha - Int. Restaurant (7): Jacket: Pink Thierry Mugler vintage jacket with belt: Skirt: White Tahari stretch; Shoe: Turquoise Roberto Cavalli pump

Samantha - Int. Restaurant (17): Dress: Floral glitter Tracy Feith dress; Shoe: Black Manolo Blahnik; Bag: Charles Jordan

Miranda - Int. Miranda's Office (10): Suit: Orange burlap Ellen Tracy; Bag: Yellow patent Cerutti; Shoe: Crème slingback

Miranda - Ext. Street (16): Suit: Plum Barney skirt suit; Bag: Butterscotch snake Amarcord

Charlotte - Int. Coffee Shop (3): Skirt: Navy Floral print Jussara Lee; Top: White V-neck; Shoe: Navy Coach wedge; bag: Pink linen Kate Spade tote

Charlotte - Int. Miranda's LR (21): Pants: Khaki Donna Karan; Top: Pink Ralph Laurnen S/S; Shoes: Pink Coach wedge; Bag: Pink Prada

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