Ricky Martin: She Bangs

Miranda listens to this song on her headphones in the gym.

Richard Worth: See How Far

Carrie thinks and types.

From the CD: The DJ Rodriguez Football Club: Groove Factory Theme

Carrie has a fitting for the fashion show.

From the CD: The DJ Rodriguez Football Club: Monday Again

Miranda feels sexy with Doug.

Maxwell: Get to Know Ya

Carrie hangs out with a fashion photographer at her apartment.

Jeff Sharel: Tribute Part Two

Carrie and Stanford are backstage at the fashion show.

Paul Sabu: Rosabel Discofied Dub

Carrie gets ready for the fashion show.

Spiderbait: Shazam

Samantha visits Carrie backstage and Carrie meets Heidi Klum.

Red Venom: Let's Get It On

Carrie chats with Heidi Klum.

Cheryl Lynn: Got to be Real

Carrie walks down the runway, falls, and gets up and walks again.

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