Fashion Credits

Carrie - Int. Midtown Restaurant (14): Dress: Light kelly green doubleknit vintage short dress; Flower: Forest green; Shoes: Beige cork; Purse: Beige Christian Dior saddle bag with white piping

Carrie - Int. Carrie's Apt. (16): Romper: Kelly green Yves St. Laurent short, strapless romper; Belt: Light blue suede with fringed edges; Bra: Bright green Calvin Klein w/self ruffle along edge

Carrie - Int. Carre's Apt. (24): Overalls: White w/crazy blue and green circles shortalls; Bra: Deep bright pink Calvin Klein w/lace trim and lined to be opaque

Carrie - Int. Samantha's Loft Apt. (27): Blouse: Beige with brown vertical pattern sleeves rolled and tied in a knot; Skirt: Hot pink Disney Aladdin skirt; Shoes: Pink Dolce and Gabbana paisley platforms

Samantha - Int. Samantha's Loft Apt. (27): Layered look: 1.) Light turquoise lace bodysuit; 1.5.) White silk drawstring PJ Pants; 2.) Red sheer caftan; 3.) Peachy-pink long sleeve cardigan; 4.) White hooded Donna Karan robe; 5.) Teal nubby scarf; Shoes: Lavender Steve Madden fuzzy slippers

Samantha - Int. MacDougal Library (33) Dress: Red Versace coffin-lining gathered; Shoes: Red/gold Versus mules

Miranda - Int. Miranda's/Front Door (22): Dress: Teal and black patterned square neckline, sleeveless; Shoes: Dark brown strappy sandals; Purse: Ivory Gucci glossy with strap

Miranda - Int. MacDougal Library (33): Dress: Periwinkle Vera Wang w/bright pink flowers on shoulder; Shoes: Silver sandals

Charlotte - Int. Samantha's Loft Apt. (5): Top: Lavender with soft floral design, halter-tied in bow at neck; Pants: Light green slimfit capri; Shoes: Beaded floral on gold Dolce and Gabbana, leopard insole strappy sandal

Charlotte - Int. Charlotte's Bedroom (26): Top: Black Richard Tyler long sleeve low scoop neck with delicate lace trim; Pants: Black Joseph boots; Shoes: Black wedge mules

Charlotte - Int. MacDougal Library (33) Dress: Blue Donna Karan w/lighter blue chiffon flower-like watercolor dress; Shoes: Old Prada with clear pink heel.

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